Murry Chrimus and all that jazz

CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So. It is a little strange to wake up Christmas morning and it's just the two of you, and you're like "hey...HEY (thinking...gosh your breath stinks..) let's go upstairs. It's Christmas!" And you hear, "mmmghebagjahgjjn." It's like you have to work harder at being excited to wake up early to open presents when there are no small children involved. Haha, but it was still awesome. Our THIRD Christmas together! Crazy!

Ohhhh oh oh oh, back up. Christmas EVE. Definitely my favorite part of Christmas this year. So we didn't really have any plans (probably just would've stayed home, watched a movie, ate cookies or something), but Kimber's family (Ryan's inlaws) invited us over to there house for dinner so we headed up there. Kimber's Dad was actually hospitalized 5 years ago over Christmas for a pretty serious respiratory (I think?) disease. So they decided to take some goodies/gifts to the hospital and go caroling to the different rooms. It was the coolest thing ever. The patients were so sweet and were so glad that we came- a few of them got teary eyed because they said this was the highlight of their Christmas. One particularly hilarious old guy (who told us all about his UTI) even sang to us! He was the best. I want to be like that when I'm old....hilarious and not embarrassed by anything. It really made me remember the true meaning of Christmas and how important it is to give, especially this time of year.

Milly had to make sure she brought her purse.
So then back at the Craig's house we had dinner and had a white elephant gift exchange (where Milly just wanted to open or pass out everyone's presents, so we let her, because she's adorable).


Okay back to Christmas morning. We put on some Christmas tunes and opened our loot...

(do excuse the nasty "I just woke up" look). And I'm definitely sporting my
new snuggie (best thing EVER!)

James excited face and constipated face look strangely similar.... ;-)

Then we had an awesome (southern) Christmas breakfast of biscuits and gravy, hash browns, eggs, and fruit...

Then the rest of the day turned into the movie Four Christmases. We went to Ry's house to see the girls and their presents. Then to James' dad's house for presents there, then to his grandparent's house for dinner and presents there. All in all it was fun, but exhausting.
Oh, and here's a few things that I got from his family....


The Houlin family is officially +1!

And THAT is probably the best Christmas present of all. I'll be 11 weeks on Tuesday. How have I been feeling? Like horse crap, thanks. Your body does REALLY WEIRD things when you're prego. It's SLOWLY been getting better (the nausea and what not). Weeks 6-8 were the worst...the whole pregnancy thing is NOT for the wimpy. Yesterday was by far the worst though. I could hardly move and barfed 4 times...I'm sure you wanted to know that..right? It's just AMAZING that something so SMALL can make you feel so crappy. I sure hope this kid is cute...Stay tuned.. July 20, 2011 is D-day.

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  1. hello sweet girl. I first apologize for the belated-ness of my congratulations. Chelsea told me a couple of weeks ago that you were expecting and I was filled with joy.

    I would like to you to know that:
    Being a mom is the greatest job I've ever had,
    Being a mom is the hardest job I've ever had,and my three kids are the greatest contribution I've made to this world.

    You my dear will be an amazing parent. How lucky your little one is to belong to you. <3

    So for now - rest, eat, eat and rest. And hold on becuase come June you are going to begin the ride of your life.

    love,love,love - mrs. ricks.


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